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Your French Supplier for Hats, Caps, Leather goods and other Fashion accessories
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Our story

Originally from the Parisian “Sentier” district, Hologramme began around 1980 in this historical fashion center as a fabrication workshop.

All our products were initially hand-made in the attic of an apartment furnished with sewing machines, in a sort of improvised home workshop.

Today, it has become a family-owned business that has supplied nearly 20,000 retailers and other shops around the world. Clothing brands, souvenir shops, vintage, thrift stores, market merchants, concept stores or hat specialists: our customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds!

Managed by the grandchildren of the founder and former manager of the workshop, Hologramme has become a trusted distributor of leather goods and fashion accessories, with expertise in Men’s headwear.

We are based in Île-de-France, more precisely in Paris as well as in the new textile sector of Aubervilliers!

Why work with Hologramme?

At Hologramme, we value customer satisfaction for a healthy, long-term business relationship.

Hologramme is a wholesale company specializing in fashion accessories and leather goods. (also called Supplier)

French distributor of several local and international factories, including Italy, Portugal and China, we promote fabrication expertise with beautiful materials!

With long-standing partnerships and over 30 years of experience, Hologramme rigorously negotiates and selects items from millions of references.

We participate in the conception and design of our products, by collaborating with a handful of trusted manufacturing workshops.
All merchandise is carefully checked and sorted out of any item deemed unsatisfactory, before being displayed in the showroom.

This is how we obtain an outstanding quality for a fair and reasonable price.

We sell exclusively to professional purchasers in B2B (for retail stores and independent shops).

We place great emphasis on the workmanship, quality of product and guarantee the durability of our products.

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Here are some product samples from our catalog (available in many colors and sizes)

Price range from 0.50 € per unit to more than 30 €, depending on the quantity of orders, and the quality requested. 

Products with and without visible brand, labelled Hologramme Paris (removable)

Customization and adaptation limited, on prior request only.

Headwear – Accessories

Leather goods

Pictures of our showroom

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We will help you choose the most appropriate products for your situation and define a strategy to maximize your sales.

We can eventually plan a special order of product samples.

To get a better sense of the qualities, finishes, fabrics and colors of our products, a trip to the shop remains your best option.

You can then use this website as a mean to re-order products for reassortment.

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