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How to order from Hologramme

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How to order your products from the supplier Hologramme Paris

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HOW TO register to see the products ?
HOW do you handle THE DELIVERY ?

How to register :

To register, you must complete this registration form.

If you are already a customer with us, you can simply fill in your email / phone and the name of your shop.

How to place your order :

To order, simply note the references and quantities of the desired products, then send us the order.

You can order by unit or batch. A discount will be applied by ordering an entire batch. (see Discounts at the bottom of the page)

It is best to write down your order on a electronic support (Computer or Telephone) with Notepad or Excel.

Then, all you have to do is copy paste your list of products into an email and send it to us, attaching your file as an attachment. Otherwise, simply send us a photo of your sheet via WhatsApp (see bottom right of your screen) !

Our contact details :


Learn more about our addresses

  • 90, Rue de la Haie Coq
    93300 Aubervilliers – France, Building 244 – 245
  • 29, Rue des Gravilliers
    75003 Paris – France (No leather goods, closed on Saturdays!)


While we process your order, a proforma invoice will be edited and sent to you by email.

We will contact you during the processing of your order to give you the final amount to pay, shipping included.
Once validated, a final invoice will be transmitted and enclosed in your package.

The shipping and packing fees depend on the weight and the size of your parcels.

You can then choose to make a payment in VAD (remote credit card payment) or bank transfer.
Otherwise, you can go to the store physically to pay your order (and retrieve it at the same time).

Note: Without a response from us within 24 hours, you should re-send your email or call us directly.


The shipment of your parcels will be done upon receipt of payment. 

Deliveries are usually done within 3-7 business days by our trusted carriers DPD, EasyExpress or 37Express (GLS – Chronopost – TNT). You can also communicate us your preferred carrier and we will try to use it.
For large shipments, we can use Transports Besson (>5 parcels).

A tracking number will be given to you as soon as your parcels are shipped.

Please take into account that if you request an international shipment, you will likely be subject to custom fees.
We are aware of most European regulations and we will try our best to help you in the administrative work.

For shops in Paris, orders over 500 euros can receive free delivery by our truck driver, who will make a stop at your address during his daily trip to the city.

Discounts and batch purchases (excluding promotions)

For the purchase of a complete batch of products, that is to say all the sizes and colors of a product reference of 12, 24 or 30 pieces, the price per unit is reduced:

Product price per unitDiscount
Less than 1.50 euros– 0.05 € / unit
From 1.60 euros to 5.50 euros– 0.10 € / unit
From 5.60 to 15 euros– 0.20 € / unit
From 15.10 euros to 20 euros– 0.30 € / unit
More than 20 euros– 0.50 € / unit

Not applicable to Leather Goods, whose products are sold individually !

Returns of goods

It is your responsibility in case of problem, to contact us as soon as possible. (within a maximum of 48 hours after receipt of the package)
In which case, except for defective products or problems that come from our side, returns will be treated on a case by case basis.

In case of refunds, we usually reduce the amount on your next order and / or proceed to the replacement of your products within 14 days. (on average, 3-5 days for our French, European customers)

You can of course directly come in store to enjoy immediate service and refund.

(always within this 48-hour period after your purchases, otherwise call us before !)

We place great emphasis on workmanship, quality of product and guarantee the good protection of our products with a solid packaging.

We value customer satisfaction for a healthy, long-term business relationship.

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