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Protective products against Covid-19

Site migration of Hologramme’s catalogue to pro.hologrammeparis.com


Following the redesign of our website, we invite you to use this new E-Shop:


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In response to the 2020 health crisis, Hologramme worked with its production workshops to provide you with temporary protective solutions against the Covid-19 virus.

August 2020: Added visors to be attached on hats

Please contact us at order@hologrammeparis.com to purchase them.

The anti-projection visors are sold in packs of 10, 25 euros for 10 units.

The visor Caps have just arrived and are offered at 4.90 euros / unit.

Caps / Bobs with anti-projection visor (colors sold separately)

4.90 euros

4 colors available : Blue, White, Beige or Black.

Chapeaux avec visière anti-projection
Chapeaux avec visière anti-projection

Anti-projection visor

2.50 euros

Visière anti-projection
Visière anti-projection

Attachable visor (available in large and small)

1.50 euros the large, 1.30 euros the small

Available colors: Black, Red, Pink, White, Gray and Orange

Please contact us at order@hologrammeparis.com to purchase them.

Available from May 11.

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