Le nouveau site avec Panier d'achat est désormais en ligne sur pro.hologrammeparis.com, ce site n'est plus maintenu à jour.

Where to find us ?

Site migration of Hologramme’s catalogue to pro.hologrammeparis.com


Following the redesign of our website, we invite you to use this new E-Shop:


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Physical sales point (Limited supply for direct pick-up)

For new customers, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. (Verify your Spam in the next 24 hours)


HOLOGRAMME (Showrooms)

90, Rue de la Haie Coq

93300 Aubervilliers – France

Building 244 – 245

29, Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris – France

moved to 3 Rue du Pilier / 30 Rue de la Haie Coq

93300 Aubervilliers – France

(Closed on Saturday)

Any questions or want to order online ?

Contact us !

Headwear phone :  +33 9 67 28 94 82 or +33 1 48 39 94 82
Leatherwork phone :  +33 1 48 11 69 79

Or by WhatsApp : +33 6 51 46 48 52

Paris store :  +33 1 42 71 32 18

Please mention a phone number, and a company name if you contact us.

To learn more about online orders, click here.

The physical purchase of products is possible but limited by the stock available on hand.

Our physical addresses are shops located in the industrial sector of Aubervilliers. These showrooms of more than 600  are where we have exhibited all the products of Hologramme.

If you intend to purchase large quantities directly for products you have previously identified in our catalog, please notify us in advance of the estimated quantities (by phone or email).

We will then do the necessary to transfer the desired goods from the warehouse to our showrooms to prepare for your arrival.

Please note that the Leather goods showroom and the Headwear – Fashion accessories (Hats, Caps, Beanies) showroom are not located in the same building, although they are in the same street.


New client Form

We will then get back to you and advice you before giving you access to our catalog.

We will help you choose the most appropriate products for your situation and define a strategy to maximize your sales.

We can eventually plan a special order of product samples.

To get a better sense of the qualities, finishes, fabrics and colors of our products, a trip to the shop remains your best option.

You can then use this website as a mean to re-order products for reassortment.

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